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Mad Margritt has released several cd's on the Perris Records label. They have toured all over the United States and have opened for numerous acts including KISS, POISON, WHITESNAKE, SKID ROW, CINDERELLA, RATT, WARRANT, TESLA, QUIET RIOT ... to read more click here


April , 2015

The band is currently working on a new Mad Margritt cd and hope to have the cd out the later part of 2015. You can purchase Mad Margritt cd's and other merchandise by clicking on the merch tab.

Mad Margritt's guitarist Mark Cook is a four time winner of the "JPFolks" music awards - held each year in Los Angeles, CA. for "Best Blues Album of the Year" and "Best Rock Instrumental of the Year" Read more

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Older News:

Mad Margritt opening for Saliva and Candlebox!! 

  Mad Margritt and Big Cat Love Productions are teaming up to put together a 20 city tour across the USA. Click here to read more...

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